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GP Horizon - Keeping the Conversation Going

Rima Aboud - GP Horizon - 15 May, 2018

I qualified as a GP in 2015 and I was so used to attending my weekly VTS sessions I assumed that meeting up with my First5 group at least monthly was the natural next step. However, it wasn’t until I qualified that I appreciated the value of having protected time to discuss the trials and tribulations of General Practice, and more importantly, get answers to the questions that aren’t covered in the guidelines or trying to work out what the next best step would be in an unusual presentation. I found it near impossible to find a time when everyone could meet on a regular basis (clinics would overrun, that end of the day home visit would crop up….) and when we did manage to meet up, there wasn’t near enough time to discuss everything that had cropped up in our preceding weeks clinics such is the vastness of General Practice.  

I found that I was texting my GP friends in between patients to ask a quick non-urgent question. Sometimes, this worked well but often my friends would be in their own clinic and fielding their own questions, on holiday or simply didn’t know the answer!

Then I thought it’d be really great to be able to text a whole community of GPs in a supportive and collaborative environment where there is no such thing as a stupid question. This idea inspired me to develop GP Horizon - a secure and (really) simple way to post questions to other GPs. GP Horizon is available as an app on iOS and Android (search for GP Horizon) or via the web at

Rima Aboud, GP Horizon

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