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Fluroquinone prescribing - a big ciproh-no-no from the MHRA

Dr Rachel Brettell
14th February 2024

Sometimes it feels like everyone in general practice is fed up. Our next patient, Jane, is 67 years old and no exception. She’s in with symptoms of UTI; exasperated, unwell and demanding ciprofloxacin....

Health Anxiety – A Cause for Concern?

Dr Andy Ward
7th February 2024

Back in November, I wrote a blog post about the poor health outcomes for those patients who frequently miss appointments. I was therefore interested to see a recent Swedish study that looked at health...

Itchy patient? Think scabies

Dr Nick Jones
31st January 2024

After Rob’s blog about the rise of measles last week, this week we turn our attention to an outbreak of another age-old disease! Hands up if you’ve seen a patient with scabies recently? I can think of...

Rise of the Measles

Dr Rob Walker
24th January 2024

I was chatting to my colleagues during a brief respite in our Friday duty session last week about measles. A mix of ages and experience, but not one of us had seen a case of measles in our clinical careers....

New guidelines from SIGN for Dementia

Zoe Norris
18th January 2024

Dementia remains (and will continue to remain) a Hot Topic for us all in primary care. It will surprise no one that the numbers of patients we are seeing in General Practice continue to rise substantially;...

New year’s resolutions and the avoidance of cold turkey – how to stop SSRI’s in primary care.

Dr Rachel Brettell
4th January 2024

It’s the first week of January, and for most of us, that means back to reality and back to the coal face, hopefully after a bit of festive rest and relaxation. For me, it’s also meant Janet, a middle-aged...

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