Suspected OA Hip: is an X-Ray a useful investigation?

Dr Laura Darby
1st December 2022

Morning clinic brings Stan, a 48 yr old man with hip pain. ‘Doc I’ve got a dodgy hip. It’s been playing me up on and off for months. Can I have an Xray?’ Your history and examination suggest Stan has osteoarthritis...

No smoke without fire? Vaping, EVALI and respiratory health

Dr Rachel Brettell
24th November 2022

Asking a patient about their smoking habits is second nature. But when it comes to asking my patients about vaping, let’s just say I’m much less consistent. Given the growing body of evidence and public...

Cognitive bias and the importance of safety netting

Dr Rob Walker
17th November 2022

Safety netting is something that is drummed into us at a very early stage in our medical careers. It’s a recommended part of a standard consultation, and one that we all got taught to do as GP trainees,...

Sitting (or not), stepping, sweating, strengthening and sleeping – the five S’s approach to managing Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Sarah Davies
10th November 2022

Earlier in 2022 we had a update to the NICE Type 2 diabetes guidelines with significant changes around prescribing, especially first line medications with an emphasis on using metformin and SGLT2 inhibitors...

Overprescribing, functional dyspepsia and PPWhy’s?

Dr Rachel Brettell
3rd November 2022

Sometimes (often), it feels like us GP's can't do anything right.

Gout: Mind the (evidence) Gap

Dr Rob Walker
20th October 2022

Guidelines. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we know they are an important tool to help us manage the massive range of problems we see in General Practice. As GPs we can’t know the ins and outs of the evidence base...

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