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Type 1 Diabetes on the rise – a reminder of the “4T’s”

Dr Sarah Davies
20th September 2023

While our role in primary care diabetes management usually centres on people living with type 2 diabetes, we are all likely to see a handful of people presenting with new onset type 1 diabetes during our...

Doc, can I have an MRI to screen for prostate cancer?

Dr Laura Darby & Dr Simon Curtis
13th September 2023

James is a 69 year old man, fit and well with no symptoms. He comes to see you, worried. ‘I’d like a prostate check. I had one of those PSA tests last year, which did put my mind at rest at the time. But...

Hot Topics GP Update Course Preview Autumn 2023

Dr Simon Curtis
7th September 2023

Have you been too busy to keep up with the journals and guidelines over the last year? Well, you can relax…we have done all the hard work for you! Ever since we started Hot Topics 25 years ago, our mission...

Gender Dysphoria

Dr Siobhan Becker
24th August 2023

What is your opinion about giving puberty blockers to a 12 year old? What is your view about gender neutral loos in school? Should a trans female athlete be allowed to compete in women’s events? What do...


Dr Laura Darby
16th August 2023

Interest in the role of the gut microbiome in general health and wellbeing has been growing exponentially in the last few years. People are increasingly invested in how their diet could impact on their...

Too Much Pink Should Make Our Hearts Sink…

Dr Philippa Davies
10th August 2023

Summer is finally here and as we’re strolling through the park listening to ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’ you realise not everyone has received this memo. ‘Lobster red’ appears to be the colour...

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