Pregabalin in pregnancy and congenital malformation risks

Dr Rob Walker
26th January 2023

As we (hopefully) start to see reductions in the deluge of winter illness, I’m sure Practices will be desperately trying to get back to some of the crucial work we do for managing long term conditions,...

Roll up, roll up! Who wants a statin? 

Dr Nick Jones
19th January 2023

It’s impossible to open a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing mention of the current crisis in the NHS. This doesn’t make the most auspicious backdrop for the release of the new NICE draft...

Oxford Score 0 – Clinical Judgement 1

Dr Andy Ward
12th January 2023

An ill-timed jump for a header, an awkward landing, a disturbing pop in my knee and the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Thus went my left anterior cruciate ligament and with it my fantasy of tearing up the...

What TIME should I take my BP meds Doc?

Dr Rob Walker
5th January 2023

We’re all used to the flurry of questions that come after we start people on a new medication. You’re eyeing up the clock (running late…again), and about to say your farewells when the inquisition starts...

Where did 2022 go and other medical mysteries

NB Medical
29th December 2022

What a year. Flown by in a blur of telephone triage, moaning media, war, inflation and civil unrest. Many of us will be pleased to see the back of 2022 but it’s gone so fast I’m left with some important...

A Fortunate Woman

Dr Simon Curtis
20th December 2022

‘It was not that she was out of the ordinary’  writes Polly Morland near the start of her compelling and beautifully written book A Fortunate Woman, ‘Put simply, she is a doctor who knows her patients....

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