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S2 E7 - Variants and the vaccine; GP Contract, Obesity and Surgery; Anti-depressants for OA; Parental Burnout

22nd January 2021

Belated Happy New Year! In this new podcast, Dr Neal Tucker chats about the latest news and research in general practice.

S2 E5 - Covid vaccines, the story continues... & BP meds and statins for 100 year olds.

4th December 2020

There's really only one topic of conversation: COVID vaccines, when will we get them, how do we give them and what's going to happen about Christmas...

S2 E3 - COVID Skin Signs, Long Covid Rates, Dad Jokes

23rd October 2020

Hello again! In this podcast Dr Neal Tucker is joined by Dr Philippa Davies, a GP with a special interest in dermatology, to talk about the many and varied skin presentations of COVID-19 and how we might want to carefully scrutinise the rashes we're seeing over the next few months.

S2 E2 - Trump's Treatments, The Committee of Pointless S**t, Gliflozins for All

9th October 2020

Welcome back! In this episode, Dr Neal Tucker talks about the world's biggest news story: President Trump and his treatments. Should we all be getting the same? He also looks at flu vaccinations and appraisals, and challenges the Committee of Pointless S%&t to cut the crap.

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