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S3 E1 - Heath secretaries, COVID boosters, Quadpill for BP & Cannabis for pain

17th September 2021

Welcome, to Season 3 of the Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.

S2 E16 - Blood bottle crisis; community covid treatments; rotator cuff injury; FIT testing for cancer

11th August 2021

In this summer holidays episode of the Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker looks at the latest research for the primary care community.

S2 E15 - Self-isolation, Freedom and GP; Drug Optimisation for the Multimorbid; Antispasmodics for Low Back Pain

16th July 2021

In this episode, Neal Tucker squeezes in a podcast between childcare during self-isolation. When he's let out there will be a new sort of Freedom in England, should the rest of the UK be jealous?

S2 E14 - Crisis of identity in GP; implantable arrythmia monitors for AF; wearable glucose monitors for diabetes

16th June 2021

In this episode of the Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker considers if there is a crisis of identity in GP and how the ever-increasing workload has changed the traditional role of a GP. Is there a solution? Possibly, but not everyone will agree.

S2 E13 - Wounded animals

26th May 2021

Approach a wounded animal with caution. Someone should have told this to NHS England before they wrote THAT letter. In this podcast, in classic GP style, we reflect on how this makes us feel and come to the only obvious conclusion. (We've kept it family friendly...)

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