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NB Hot Topics Podcast - Page 2


S4 E12: "GP Access Song"; JOMT Interview with Dr Matt Doyle on Allergy; Predictors of Post-covid fatigue; Peanut allergy patch

12th May 2023

Welcome back to the Hot Topics podcast.  In this episode we reflect on the Prime Ministers Primary Care Recovery Plan, then move on to more useful things like research.  We have new papers in the BJGP on who may be more likely to develop fatigue after mild covid and the NEJM on using a peanut patch to desensitive toddlers at risk of anaphylaxis.

S4 E11: Inflammation vs Cholesterol and CVD; Bempedoic Acid; Coffee & Tea for T2DM

20th April 2023

Welcome to another Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker. With general practice becoming an increasingly popular political battleground, we focus on the latest research.

S4 E10: "The Grass Ain't Always Greener" Song; Removing QOF, Caffeine & Acute Cardiac Issues; New Menopause Drugs

31st March 2023

Welcome to the latest Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  In this episode, we have the latest news including how the public view the NHS and what's happening to the GP contract for English practice.

S4 E9: "Do The Maths" song; JOMT interview - Dr Sam Merriel talks about prostate cancer; also antibiotic resistance, nitrofurantoin failure, kidney stones

10th March 2023

Welcome to the Hot Topics Podcast with host, Dr Neal Tucker.  In this bumper edition, we have the next in our Just One More Thing series. We interview Dr Sam Merriel in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK, talking about what we need to know in the world of prostate cancer. Should we be screening? Do we need to think beyond PSA? Does new technology change our approach?

S4 E8: JOMT Interview with PCRS chair, Dr Katherine Hickman; pushing bad pills, eye drops for myopia, CVD risk prediction in cancer survivors

17th February 2023

Welcome to the Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.  In this episode, we speak to Dr Katherine Hickman, current chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, who answers our three Just One More Thing questions on what we need to know about from primary, secondary and future care with asthma.

S4 E7: NHS in crisis, still... Molnupiravir for acute covid, healthy lifestyle for dementia, patient perspective on FIT

27th January 2023

Welcome to another HOT TOPICS podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  In the podcast cast we reflect on the latest commentaries from the political parties and medical organisations on how they can help with the NHS crisis. We can’t promise a solution, but we can help you stay up to date with the world of research.

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