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NB Medical are dedicated to assisting the delivery of outstanding global primary healthcare, through world class medical education.

Founded over 22 years ago, NB Medical are the largest primary care educator in the UK. We are committed to developing partnerships which will allow us to share our experience and expertise.

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Our co founder and lead presenter Dr Simon Curtis gives an overview of NB Medical.


We have worked with partners across the globe, from the UAE, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia & New Zealand to India and China.

Partnerships range from the provision of live lectures and webinar/module licencing agreements right through to full joint ventures.

See our Prospectus for more information on the services we can provide and our global experience to date.


Globally, primary health care is as diverse as the many professions involved in delivering it. We appreciate that what works in the UK is not necessarily going to be applicable or appropriate in other settings.

NB Medical prioritises partnership and the need to understand the context in which primary health care is delivered in a country or region. This ensures that the material we present is locally relevant and of genuine value to both individuals and the health system.

We are flexible and adaptable and willing to explore a variety of ways to partner.

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Lecture style, face to face education on any aspect of Primary Care. We will work with you to ensure we meet the needs of your target audience.

  • 0.5 - 5 day courses
  • Large audience numbers - as big as a venue allows
  • Covering a broad range of subjects


The design and delivery of tailored content specific to your needs

Existing content

We can provide existing NB Medical content ‘as is’ through licencing agreements. Immediate access to industry leading Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CME)

Re-purposed content

A contextualised adaption of existing content with your support and collaboration

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Over 100 hours of on-line case based learning modules for further education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We can provide this as stand-alone product or as part of a package to compliment both day lectures and online learning.

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The diversity of our offer coupled with our flexible approach means that we can build a bespoke, combined blended learning educational package to meet all needs.

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Key takeaways from a subject or course broken down into a bitesize, and fully hyperlinked summary.

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Our industry leading hard and soft copy books compliment and expand on the educational experience.