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Are you managing multiple, complex mental health problems in Primary Care? Join us on our new Mental Health course covering a range of the latest Hot Topics in mental health that we see in primary care. Don’t worry if you miss something, all of the content will be available on-demand and broken down into individual topics.

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The Hot Topics Course reference book accompanies the course but is also available to purchase separately

The book is fully referenced with recent summaries of the evidence commonly seen in primary care. Most of our delegates use this every day, like they use the BNF.


Gender Dysphoria

Dr Siobhan Becker
24th August 2023

What is your opinion about giving puberty blockers to a 12 year old? What is your view about gender neutral loos in school? Should a trans female athlete be allowed to compete in women’s events? What do...

Paediatric Mental Health

Dr James Booth
3rd August 2023

I first met Will as a very new GP partner.  He came in accompanied by both parents, one duty afternoon.  His mother was in tears, his father grim-faced; Will’s face was hidden behind a long, unwashed fringe...

Eating disorders post-pandemic – take heed of the need and use MEED.

Dr Rachel Brettell
28th June 2023

Whilst no longer considered a public health emergency, the significant, long-term impacts of Covid -19 continue to be felt strongly by our patients, communities and economy. The masks may be off, but we...

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S4 E14: The Stethoscope Song; HRT & Dementia, HF Monitoring, New Obesity Meds

30th June 2023

Welcome to the Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  NHS Long Term Workforce Plan is all over the news today. In this episode we have a look at some of the key statements, seeing what is positive for general practice, what is wishful thinking, and what could be even worse.

S4 E7: NHS in crisis, still... Molnupiravir for acute covid, healthy lifestyle for dementia, patient perspective on FIT

27th January 2023

Welcome to another HOT TOPICS podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  In the podcast cast we reflect on the latest commentaries from the political parties and medical organisations on how they can help with the NHS crisis. We can’t promise a solution, but we can help you stay up to date with the world of research.

S3 E14: The "Sorry, I'm Not Sorry" Song; bye bye Boris; prescribing for anxiety, bariatric surgery to reduce cancer, RSV vaccine

8th July 2022

Welcome to another Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker leading you through the latest news and research in general practice.  Of course, we must touch on the demise of Boris Johnson and how he might still be in power if he'd just learned a thing or two from general practice.

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