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NB Hot Topics Podcast - Page 11


S1 E15 - Coronavirus Special: Do The Drugs Work?

1st May 2020

In our latest Hot Topics podcast Neal Tucker examines the emerging treatments for Covid-19 including remdesivir, antiplatelets, vitamin D and vaccinations. Do these provide the magic bullet we need to shut down the infection and open up the world?

S1 E14 - Coronavirus Special: The Future for General Practice

17th April 2020

In this latest coronavirus special Neal Tucker discusses the latest knowledge about COVID-19 and how general practice will need to adapt to a world with persisting coronavirus.

S1 E13 - Coronavirus Special: Saving Lives and the End of Life

3rd April 2020

The latest NB Hot Topics podcast is the third Coronavirus Special: Saving Lives and the End of Life.

S1 E12 - Coronavirus Special: Covid-19 in the Community

27th March 2020

In this week's NB Hot Topics Podcast Neal Tucker looks at the latest developments in the coronavirus literature including data on hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combination treatment, why lockdown alone is not enough and why coronavirus modelling won't help us.

S1 E11 - Coronavirus Special: Lessons for General Practice

20th March 2020

In this week's NB Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker looks at what lessons we can learn in general practice to help us prepare for and fight the coronavirus pandemic.

S1 E10 - Coronavirus Special: Making General Practice Great Again

13th March 2020

With all the stress and uncertainty Coronavirus has placed on the world and the health service this special podcast Dr Neal Tucker looks how we as professionals and humans are coping with COVID-19, what we need to know from the rapid changes in guidance over the past few days, and where we may be going next.

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