S2 E16 - Blood bottle crisis; community covid treatments; rotator cuff injury; FIT testing for cancer

11th August 2021

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In this summer holidays episode of the Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker looks at the latest research for the primary care community.

Firstly, three treatments for covid-19 in community-managed patients - do they work?

Next rotator cuff injury - can progressive exercise beat usual care and is there ANY role for steroid injections?

Finally, FIT testing for suspected colorectal cancer - do we now have the data to replace colonoscopy?

And as you’re here you probably like podcasts, so have a listen to Tamsin Ellis on the BBC talking about general practice and the environment. Link below. 


Tamsin Ellis BBC Podcast

NHS England Blood Bottle Guidance

Community Covid and Azithromycin, Doxycycline and Colchicine

Lancet Rotator Cuff Injury

BJGP letter

BJGP editorials - infection and CVD, expanding the role of GP

BJGP FIT testing

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