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Got a clinical question? Ask NB ON CALL for some GP peer support

Dr Simon Curtis
18th October 2023

When should we worry about excessive inhaled steroid use in patients with asthma using MART regimens? 

Anticholinergics – are they worth the risk in older people?

Dr Simon Curtis
12th October 2023

Ken is 82 and has some post-herpetic neuralgia and difficulty sleeping. Some low dose amitriptyline could really help.  Next up is a 75-year-old woman with an overactive bladder and urinary incontinence....

Migraine treatment - Is it time for a new pair of (GE)PANTS?

Dr Rob Walker
4th October 2023

Migraine is a miserable and debilitating condition and we’re all aware of the impact it has on our patients, friends, family and work colleagues. The latest 2019 Global Burden of Disease Study found that...

When In Doubt, Get the Dermatoscope Out!

Dr Philippa Davies
27th September 2023

John is one of your regular patients, a 64-year-old stoical tree surgeon, who presents with a new pigmented papule on his torso. For someone normally unphased by challenging work environments, this has...

Type 1 Diabetes on the rise – a reminder of the “4T’s”

Dr Sarah Davies
20th September 2023

While our role in primary care diabetes management usually centres on people living with type 2 diabetes, we are all likely to see a handful of people presenting with new onset type 1 diabetes during our...

Doc, can I have an MRI to screen for prostate cancer?

Dr Laura Darby & Dr Simon Curtis
13th September 2023

James is a 69 year old man, fit and well with no symptoms. He comes to see you, worried. ‘I’d like a prostate check. I had one of those PSA tests last year, which did put my mind at rest at the time. But...

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