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Do YOU need a circuit breaker?

Dr Simon Curtis
15th October 2020

With all the debate at the moment about whether or not the UK needs a short, sharp lockdown as a ‘circuit breaker’ in the face of escalating covid cases, hospital admissions and deaths got me thinking...

Where did all the antibodies go?

Dr Neal Tucker
7th October 2020

Did you think you had COVID-19? Did you have your antibodies checked? Did it come back negative? You would be one of the thousands of health care workers and the general population that faced this very...

Embracing (and discussing) uncertainty

Dr Rob Walker
30th September 2020

'We live in uncertain times.’ Oft said, but I don’t think anyone can argue with that at the moment. A new virus which has spread like wildfire has brought a whole new dimension to what uncertainty looks...

Lung Cancer & Covid: A Clinical Conundrum

Dr Kate Digby
17th September 2020

Like many others, I am currently finding clinical work a challenge. It seems that making between 30 & 40 patient contacts each day is standard (for some it may be worse), and the majority of these are...

Hot Topics GP Update Course Autumn 2020 Preview

Dr Simon Curtis
10th September 2020

The Hot Topics GP Update course is a fun, inspiring and informative course packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. This Autumn our courses are available as webinar events which you...

Learning Disabilities - time to reboot an important QI project

Dr Rob Walker
12th August 2020

There have been many tragedies through the COVID-19 pandemic, but in terms of quality improvement delivery in primary care, our inability to focus on the two new QOF QI Domains of earlier cancer diagnosis...

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