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Prostate Cancer and managing uncertainty

NB Medical
17th March 2022

Uncertainty. How often do we come across that word in medicine and Primary Care specifically? As GPs, as well as being expert generalists we are also experts in managing uncertainty. We are constantly...

‘It’s your hormones, love’ ‘Oh, someone’s got their period’

Dr Siobhan Becker
3rd March 2022

Jokes about women and their hormones are as old as the hills and generally about as welcome as a sharp object in the eye. Nonetheless, there is a mass of evidence demonstrating the fundamental role that...

Obesity – the last acceptable stigma?

Stephanie De Giorgio
24th February 2022

When I was at medical school, now a hideously long time ago, I don’t remember a single lecture or teaching opportunity about obesity. I do however, remember some hideously awful moments where senior colleagues...

Update to NG28, Type 2 diabetes guidelines - what's new?

Dr Sarah Davies
17th February 2022

It has been a long time in the waiting, but this week we have an important update to the NICE Type 2 Diabetes in Adults guideline. Much has changed in the world of type 2 diabetes management over the last...

Writing the Abnormal Bloods Course

Zoe Norris
10th February 2022

Those who have been working in general practice for a few years, might – if we really concentrate- be able to remember a time when looking at and dealing with blood results wasn’t something that felt like...

GALLERI: The Holy Grail for cancer diagnosis?

Rob Walker
3rd February 2022

We all know that there are multiple challenges to the early diagnosis of cancer for us in primary care, one of the big ones being a lack of access to accurate tests for cancer. There are obviously exceptions...

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