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Chronic Pain: let’s be honest, the drugs don’t work…

Dr Simon Curtis
5th August 2020

Nobody knows better than GPs the huge problem of chronic pain and the secondary dependency on prescription drugs. We have been aware of this issue for a long time and evidence has been accumulating year...

SGLT2 inhibitors - benefits for the pump, pipes and filter

Dr Rob Walker
30th July 2020

As we start progressing to the ‘new normal’ in General Practice (hands up like me who is less than enthusiastic about that term - what, on earth, is normal about what are doing currently?!) one of the...

Burnout - Burning the COVID Candle

Dr Neal Tucker
22nd July 2020

How are you doing?

Will remote consulting contribute to the COVID cancer crisis?

Dr Simon Curtis
15th July 2020

I had a busy day in the practice yesterday. I arrived at 8am, I left at 8.15pm knackered and limped home too tired to talk to my family. I worked flat out, and yet I only ‘saw’ two patients all day. To...

Mental Health - Knives and forks, belly breathing and pupating caterpillars

Dr Rob Walker
18th June 2020

Thank you all for logging on and giving up your Tuesday evening last week to tune into our live Mental Health Webinar - it was a fascinating evening and one which was really made by all the interesting...

What's the NEWS for primary care?

Dr Simon Curtis
18th June 2020

I was in a patient’s home, let’s call her Sarah, during those chaotic early weeks of the pandemic in March. Naturally, I was not wearing a mask or gloves (at that time I still thought PPE was just a degree...

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