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#TeamGP – why we need to learn together

Ahmed Rashid
16th January 2020

Learning is all about making some sort of change. As GPs, it can be easy for us to think of our learning simply as a process we go through to tick a box in our appraisals. But maybe we should be thinking...

Happy Mums, Happy Tums

Martin Drewry - HPA
23rd December 2019

NB Medical have joined forces with charity Health Poverty Action’s UK Aid Match campaign, where the UK government will match public donations raised towards the charity’s Happy Mums, Happy Tums appeal...

Inhalers, The Environment and General Practice

Neal Tucker
12th December 2019

In case you hadn’t noticed, today there is a general election in the UK. As ever, the NHS is the nation’s top priority, but for the first time the environment is also high on the agenda. While the public...

(Private) Health Screening - Far Too Much Medicine

Rob Walker
4th December 2019

‘Doctor, I’ve just had my health check done through work, and been told to come and see you to discuss the results’. A large wedge of paper gets deposited on your desk with lots of bar charts and colour...

Can I have medical cannabis on the NHS doctor?

Simon Curtis
14th November 2019

I’ve been asked this question twice in the last month, once by a 70 year old patient who has taken up smoking weed to control her neuropathic pain (let’s call her ‘Rachel’) and the other a young man (‘Clive’)...

Vaping - Friend or Foe?

Rob Walker
10th October 2019

Where are we with vaping? Are e-cigarettes the shining knight to rid the world of cigarettes or dangerous products wrapped up in clever marketing with the ‘unintended consequence’ of luring young people...

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