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Adding mirtazapine to SSRIs or SNRIs....does it work?

Simon Curtis
13th December 2018

What is the point of evidence? Sometimes it can help to leap medicine forward. Just think of all those strokes and heart attacks we save now with evidence-based interventions. But, just as usefully, sometimes...

Where's the evidence....?

Ahmed Rashid
6th December 2018

It can sometimes feel like people use the word ‘evidence’ as a stick to beat us healthcare professionals with. Whether it’s university academics, guideline producers, governmental departments, or senior...

Free NB Medical Webinars

NB Medical
15th November 2018

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Cardiovascular outcome data in type 2 diabetes, does it really matter to me and my patients?

Sarah Davies
8th November 2018

So, we’ve heard about all this recent “exciting” cardiovascular outcome data in type 2 diabetes, but is there a real tangible benefit to our own patients outside of a clinical trial setting? How should...

Empathy in General Practice - a personal (and evidence-based) view

Rob Walker
18th October 2018

Empathy is a subject I’ve taken more interest in over the past few years. I took my daughter to an exhibition ‘A Mile in my Shoes’ on the Southbank a couple of years ago. In the giant ‘shoe box’ are a...

Top 5 Learning Points from 2018 European Hypertension Guidelines

Simon Curtis
4th October 2018

Late last year the new American Hypertension Guidelines 2017 managed to supplant the NICE lipid guideline of 2014 with the dubious honour of being the most controversial guideline ever published. They...

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