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GP Horizon - CPD Tracker Update

Dr. Rima Aboud
25th September 2018

It's been an exciting 6 months since the launch of GP Horizon and we have been thrilled with the growing number of GP users. It has been really encouraging to see the activity increase day-to-day and we...

Autumn 2018 Course Preview

Simon Curtis
5th September 2018

The Hot Topics GP Update course is a fun, inspiring and informative day packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. We make it easy for you to maintain focus on the day by keeping our...

TSH and Pregnancy: Treat the Test or the Patient?

Simon Curtis
23rd August 2018

Susan is newly pregnant. She had some thyroid tests done earlier this year and was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism. Her TSH was 6 mIU/ml with a normal thyroxine and negative anti thyroid antibodies....

Midfacial Segment Pain

Rob Walker
16th August 2018

Boris comes to see you in your afternoon clinic. He’s 54 and you don’t see him very often and he’s had a bit of stress at work lately. He’s had some aching pain around his nose, cheeks and under his eyes...

Tips for New Doctors

Ahmed Rashid
9th August 2018

It’s a rite of passage in medicine to be absolutely terrified on your first day as a doctor. I distinctly remember how my hands were shaking when I signed a prescription for the first time, and the great...

Q&A Session from Men's Health Webinar

Rob Walker
2nd August 2018

PSA testing and prostate cancer screening

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