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The Buzz Around Eczema

Dr Neal Tucker
28th July 2022

“Doctor, I’ve tried everything for my child’s eczema. Aveeno, E45, Nivea… None of it works. What can I do?”

Feeding a Fever

Dr Neal Tucker
21st July 2022

Thankfully the extreme temperatures seen around the UK and Europe this week have now eased off but many of our patients are still feeling hot – feverish in fact. Whether it’s covid, the common cold, UTI...

10 Top Tips for Safe DOAC prescribing

Dr Rob Walker
7th July 2022

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on my blog last week on the current push for edoxaban as the preferred choice of DOAC. It generated a few sharp responses, which is not surprising as the...

‘Ere Guv…boxes of edoxaban going cheap…’

Dr Rob Walker
30th June 2022

Brenda comes to see you in your morning surgery. One look at her expression tells you that she is not happy. No, this is not an incoming complaint about access and lack of face-to-face appointments (phew,...

OA of the hip: The HIT Trial

Dr Simon Curtis
23rd June 2022

Osteoarthritis of the hip: common, painful, hugely limiting to function and quality of life and now post pandemic we and our patients face huge delays and barriers to surgical referral. We advise patients...

Diagnosing paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

Dr Nick Jones
16th June 2022

It’s a duty doctor morning and you flick through the list of people waiting. You see Stella has requested a call to discuss palpitations. She’s a 76-year-old lady with hypertension who attended A&E yesterday....

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