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Lyme Disease - Balancing Under and Over Diagnosis

Simon Curtis
19th April 2018

Last week NICE produced their long awaited new guideline on Lyme disease NICE 2018, NG95 usefully summarised in the BMJ 2018;361:k1261. An increased awareness of risk will see many more patients seeking...

Parkinson's Disease

Simon Curtis
12th April 2018

You see one of your elderly patients with Parkinson’s. They have recently had a fall and you discover they have postural hypotension. Or maybe they have problems with temperature regulation and sweating…or...

'Hot Topics' GP Update Course Spring 2018 - Course Preview

Simon Curtis
28th March 2018

The Hot Topics GP Update course is a fun, inspiring and informative day packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. We make it easy for you to maintain focus on the day by keeping our...

The Pharmacological Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Rob Walker
22nd March 2018

It’s been an up and down sort of a Six Nations for the Scottish Rugby team but I must give my congratulations to my colleagues North of the Border (as well as the Irish and the French…) for not only a...

Should we start hypertension treatment with combinations?

Simon Curtis
22nd February 2018

Tomorrow you see Clive. He is 72, doesn’t smoke and weighs 100kg. He has had several high blood pressure readings noted over the previous year. You check his ambulatory blood pressure and his day time...

Colorectal Cancer in Young People

Simon Curtis
15th February 2018

I am totally absorbed in a brilliant book at the moment, Late Fragments by Kate Gross. I think it must be one of the most inspiring books about life I have ever read. And yet it was written by a young...

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