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Hormones in a time of COVID

Dr Stephanie De Giorgio
10th June 2020

The last months have been difficult, isolated from friends and family, learning how to work from home or perhaps working face to face seeing patients with COVID. Job losses and a shortage of work and income....

Psychological First Aid - A useful tool for General Practice

Dr Rob Walker
3rd June 2020

It is not controversial to suggest that the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 is going to have significant effects on people’s mental health down the line; the Royal College of Psychiatrists have warned...

COVID-19 and the potential cancer time bomb

Dr Kate Digby
14th May 2020

I am sure you will agree that in the last 2 months life has become somewhat strange. Within the space of a week, we redesigned our way of working, discovered IT skills we never knew we had, and began to...

A GP’s COVID-19 Diary

Dr Siobhan Becker
7th May 2020

It is Friday evening and I joke on our partner’s WhatsApp’s group ‘ I am trying to pretend I don’t have a sore throat, I think a gin will help’. I keep ignoring it, but by Saturday I can’t deny it anymore,...

Q&A from Hot Topics live webinar Saturday 25th April 2020

Dr Rob Walker
29th April 2020


40 Step Test: Order in the Chaos?

Dr Neal Tucker
22nd April 2020

It’s human nature to try and make order out of chaos. It’s no surprise that in the madness of the coronavirus pandemic we want to grab hold of anything which could provide that order.

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