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Updated NICE Guidance NG98 Hearing Loss in Adults: Assessment and Management June 2018

Lucy Hamilton - Nurse Practitioner & Nurse Education Lead
5th July 2018

Joe, a student, came to see me recently to have wax removed from his ears. He reported that he was finding it difficult to hear in lectures. He thought his ears might be blocked with wax and had already...

Review of Q&A Headache Webinar

Rob Walker
21st June 2018

We hope you enjoyed our first NB Webinar. We have now reviewed all of your questions and have summarised the themes of those questions below:

Premature Ejaculation

Ahmed Rashid
7th June 2018

It’s usually towards the end of a consultation that it comes up. After the benign sore throat or the ingrowing toenail. And it can sometimes take a few seconds to work out what’s being asked. Once you...

Treating Friends & Family Members

Ahmed Rashid
17th May 2018

I sometimes wonder what happens when specialists are asked by non-medical friends or family members about conditions outside their specialty area. What happens, for example, when a cardiologist is asked...

GP Horizon - Keeping the Conversation Going

Rima Aboud - GP Horizon
15th May 2018

I qualified as a GP in 2015 and I was so used to attending my weekly VTS sessions I assumed that meeting up with my First5 group at least monthly was the natural next step. However, it wasn’t until I qualified...

Working As One with Health Poverty Action

Jessica Doyle - Health Poverty Action
10th May 2018

Health Poverty Action (HPA) was founded by a UK doctor in 1984 to support people in places where other organisations could not or would not go. HPA continues to stand with those who are unfairly excluded...

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