New Year's Resolutions


New Year's Resolutions

I don’t do new year’s resolutions. They never last more than a week. However, this has been an exceptional year (not in a good way) so I will make an exception. If you don’t have your own whimsies come and join me with mine.

 1.    Save the UK.

Ambitious start, yes, and no (sorry) I can’t do anything about Brexit, but we can save the populace from covid. Not individually but as a collective, as General Practice, and it is already happening up and down the country. For those practices who have already started giving this most ridiculously logistically complicated of vaccines give yourself a pat on the back. Having not lost the will to live from yet more online training you have delivered the best Christmas present the over 80s could have wished for.

 2.    Go Green

A year ago we were all becoming more environmentally conscious and then a pandemic got in the way. Time to get back on it – pandemics come and go (even if it doesn’t feel like it), our effects on the planet will outlive us all. And it doesn’t have to be hard – I’ve made my life more sustainable during lockdown by letting go of my personal hygiene. A shower once every four days has reduced my water consumption and quartered the amount of shampoo (in plastic bottles!) I use. Win-win. Except for my family who has to live with the smell.

 3.    Give up alcohol

Woah, back off, not booze! Who wants to be sober in the gloom of January? I mean give up alcohol gel. A year of skin-splitting excess has made me long to ditch its nose-biting sting and go back to real soap. Bring on the fat.

 4.    Eat better

Well, not too much fat. For the last few years, my wife has given up sugar for January and tries to drag me down with her. With all that chocolate in the house? Please refer to my comment regarding alcohol.

 5.    See family and friends more

If I have to do one more Teams meeting staring at my computer with my colleagues sat in a room on either side of me I may go nuts. Better we all go and stand in the cold and rain in the car park with our coats and umbrellas. And let’s not get started on family Christmas video calls… What do you call a group of Zoom meetings? A Doom. Or maybe a Gloom. We all need light in our lives but not from a computer screen.

But maybe it’s better to forget resolutions altogether. 2021 is going to be really busy in general practice so let’s resolve to do what we do best, only even better this year: make a difference. More so than ever we’ll do that next year.

Happy New Year!


Dr Neal Tucker
30th December 2020

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