Hot Topics GP Update Course Autumn 2020 Preview

Hot Topics GP Update Course Autumn 2020 Preview

The Hot Topics GP Update course is a fun, inspiring and informative course packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. This Autumn our courses are available as webinar events which you can do live to get the full, interactive live experience or on-demand in bite-sized chunks to enjoy and learn from whenever and wherever suits you.

We make it easy for you to maintain focus on the learning by keeping our presentations short, sharp and focussed with lots of opportunity for interaction, including using live Q&A and polls. 

Keeping our presentations short and snappy enables us to cover more topics. We use clinical cases weaved in to bring the literature and guidelines to life. Of course, one massive Hot Topic towers over all the others this Autumn: Covid-19. We shall cover covid directly, especially Long Covid, and for the other topics we shall discuss the implications of covid on the way we have to work and manage conditions such as suspected cancer or chronic disease management.

All the material is 100% independent and free from any external influence. All the presented material will be completely new compared to Autumn 2019.

All delegates on the course will receive:

  • A detailed, colour 320-page Hot Topics paper book
  • A much bigger electronic version of the book, including even more Hot Topics which is hyperlinked to all the original references and is instantly searchable
  • The NB Medical App, across which you can access the full content of the digital coursebook or just the Keep it Simple Summaries (KISS)
  • Pre and post-course MCQs to assess learning
  • The personal email address of the presenters of the course for post-course follow up questions

Topics that we shall cover on the day will include:

  • Cancer
    • Early diagnosis of cancer: a key priority of the NHS Long-term Plan, we will cover crucial new research and developments relevant to primary care (and for GPs in England give a brief update of the new contractual requirements with the new QOF and PCN DES)
    • Lung cancer: new research on early diagnosis and the new NHS CT ‘lung health checks’
    • Lynch syndrome: what we and our patients need to know
  • Cardiovascular disease
    • Lipids: should we move to LDL treatment targets?
    • Venous thromboembolism: implications of the NICE 2020 guideline, how should we assess and manage suspected DVT or PE in primary care?
  • Prescribing
    • Renin angiotensin drugs in heart failure and CKD, new national guidelines: when should we worry when creatinine and potassium rise? Sick day rules, should we suspend these drugs with intercurrent illness? Are they nephro-toxic or reno-protective? 
    • Prescribing safely in renal disease and older people
  • Infections
    • Should we use the NEWS2 score for suspected sepsis and sick patients in primary care?
    • Covid-19 Update
      • Long Covid: we are seeing this a lot, but what does it mean and what do we know so far about how it should be managed?
      • Rheumatological conditions and Covid-19, clinical implication of the new NICE and BSR guidance
    • Cellulitis
  • Respiratory
    • Asthma: is it time to say goodbye to salbutamol and what should be the role of MRT therapy?
  • Diabetes
    • Diabetes, kidney disease and the role of SGLT2 inhibitors
    • Remission of Type 2 diabetes, implications for our patients from new research
  • Mental Health
    • Depression, including withdrawal effects of antidepressants & antidepressants and sexual dysfunction
    • Burnout: now in ICD-11, what exactly is it and does your patient, your colleague or you have it?
  • Chronic pain
    • The new NICE 2020 draft guideline and its clinical implications
    • New evidence on gabapentinoids and pain
  • Women’s Health
    • Perinatal mental health
    • Breast pain
    • Vaginal discharge & recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
  • ENT
    • Tinnitus
    • Sudden hearing loss
  • Last 30 mins, miscellaneous Hot Topics cases

As ever, we like to keep it practical and pragmatic whilst also considering many of the broader issues and challenges we face. We look forward to seeing you!

Simon, Neal, Siobhan, Kate, Zoe, Ahmed, Rob, Stephanie, Sarah, Duncan, Mark, Rob and Will

The NB GP Team

Dr Simon Curtis
10th September 2020

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