Supporting better Global Mental Health


Supporting better Global Mental Health

Good mental health and wellbeing should be a right, not a privilege. But, as the world focuses their attention on the immediate problems that COVID has brought us, mental health in communities all over the world is being neglected. In the Global South, up to 85% of people don’t receive the treatment they need for their mental health conditions.

We at NB Medical Education are delighted to partner with the charity Health Poverty Action. They are a wonderful charity, initially set up in 1984 by a young British doctor returning from Afghanistan having witnessed first-hand the profound impact of poverty on the health of people in marginalised communities. Health Poverty Action approach health as an issue of social justice, recognising that the greatest cause of poor health worldwide is poverty secondary to political, social, and economic injustices. They aim to tackle these root causes of poor health, as well as the immediate symptoms.

Health Poverty Action have launched a new appeal to help the mental health of people in marginalised communities around the world. They are working with communities in countries such as Guatemala, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe to ensure that people experiencing mental health conditions receive care and support. 

Together with partner organisations, they are putting communities at the heart of their work on mental health. They are working with communities to raise awareness of mental health issues, to break down stigma, to train mental healthcare workers, and to integrate people living with mental health conditions into the community. And they’re speaking out on the root causes of poverty and inequality because they know that the way our world is structured undermines mental health worldwide.

Last year you very generously donated thousands of pounds to Health Poverty Action’s appeal for better maternal health. If you are able to donate to this year’s appeal before December 31st then your donation will be matched by a generous donor up to £10,000.

Thank you very much for any help or support that you are able to offer this important appeal. You will help to make a difference to someone you don’t know, somewhere in the world, this Christmas time.

Thank you.


Dr Simon Curtis
21st December 2020

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