S2 E7 - Variants and the vaccine; GP Contract, Obesity and Surgery; Anti-depressants for OA; Parental Burnout

22nd January 2021

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Belated Happy New Year! In this new podcast, Dr Neal Tucker chats about the latest news and research in general practice.

Firstly, what do the SARS-CoV-2 variants mean for the efficacy of the vaccines and should we continue the vaccine programme? The new GP contract is out and the most controversial aspects is financial incentivisation for weight loss referrals. What works? We look at two Lancet papers. New research in the BMJ on antidepressants for back pain and OA - can this be the magic cure? And finally, research on parental burnout - feeling it during lockdown? You are not alone.


Vaccine and variants info

GP Contract details

Lancet Weight loss study

Lancet Metabolic Surgery study

BMJ Antidepressants for Back and OA

Parental Burnout