S1 E11 - Coronavirus Special: Lessons for General Practice | NB Medical

S1 E11 - Coronavirus Special: Lessons for General Practice

20th March 2020

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In this week's NB Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker looks at what lessons we can learn in general practice to help us prepare for and fight the coronavirus pandemic.

We can learn from our international colleagues who are ahead of us on the curve, and we speak to Dr Nadege Fancy, a GP in Milan, northern Italy, about what we can expect over the next few weeks.

We share how practices are adapting to meet the needs of our patients as the pandemic escalates in the UK. 

We review what new data we know about COVID-19 and explore issues around NSAIDs, ACEi/ARBs, hydroxychloroquine and testing. 

Finally, we remind us to look after ourselves. In this marathon, we need to make time for ourselves if we are to continue to look after our patients.

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