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Partners of NB Medical, GP Horizon, have created a secure discussion forum that enables us to seek guidance from our trusted GP peers who may have already encountered similar clinical situations.

What is GP Horizon?

GP Horizon is a protected social network created for medical professionals to quickly ask and respond to questions that often aren’t covered in the guidelines. GP Horizon is free, easy to use and allows you to track time spent on the app to use for your CPD.

How do I register?

Download the GP Horizon app on iOS or Android to sign up. This requires a valid GMC number.

How do I track my CPD?

As soon as you have logged in to your GP Horizon account, the website begins immediately tracking your CPD. You are then able to export your CPD certificates as a PDF.

GP Horizon Group feature

GP Horizon have now added a 'group' feature which allows you to create a private chatroom for your practice or CCG. With up to 500 clinicians permitted per chatroom, this is the perfect way to directly communicate your colleagues. Although members of GP Horizon require a valid GMC number to register, the group chat function allows you to invite your nurses to join the conversation.

Private Messaging

You can now send private messages to another user. To do this, click on the name of the user that you would like to contact and click on the "Send Message" button.

User Tagging

You can tag a user in a topic or topic reply by using the '@' character. Tagging a user will send them an app and email notification so that they are alerted to the fact that they have been tagged.

You can contact GP Horizon directly at

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