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Botulinum Toxin Course


The NB team recommend this course for healthcare professionals looking to develop their practice in the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A. An increasing range of HCPs are learning this skill as an adjunct to their portfolio, using it for both clinical and aesthetic treatments.

Medical Skills Courses have been delivering ‘The Minor Surgery Course™’ and their Joint Injection Course for nearly a decade and are now offering this additional Botulinum Toxin training course.

This training is for doctors, nurses or eligible HCPs wishing to learn the theoretical and practical skills required to offer Botulinum Toxin treatments.

Having taught this course at the Royal Society of Medicine for the last 8 years, they have a wealth of experience and received outstanding feedback from thousands of clinicians. Their unique ‘hands on’ teaching style, means that you will quickly and safely become competent to carry out these treatments yourself.

The focus of the course is highly practical, with the entirety of the afternoon allocated to injection practice. Small group, live models and interactive teaching with the tutor team make up the majority of the day.

The course includes:

  • Service requirements: premises, facilities, equipment, consent & record keeping
  • Assessment: clinical and aesthetic indications, facial anatomy, injection areas
  • Preparation: drug preparations, strengths and doses
  • Technique: cleaning & marking the injection site, injection techniques
  • Follow Up: when to follow up and how to treat any complications
  • Tips and tricks for setting up you own practice

This course has proved highly popular with the ‘hands on’ & pragmatic style receiving excellent feedback from delegates.

With this course you will also receive a workbook with diagrams, planning sheets and dosage cards.

You will also be given online access to a range of high-quality videos, consent forms and any other relevant national guidelines.

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