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Do PPIs cause stomach cancer?

Simon Curtis
13th December 2017

Like you, I have seen quite a few patients worried about a reported link between PPIs and cancer over the last couple of months. PPIs have been in the news again recently, with new links to stomach cancer....

​NICE guideline on diagnosis and management of asthma November 2017

Rob Walker
7th December 2017

NICE guideline on diagnosis and management of asthma November 2017

Could this child have a brain tumour?

Simon Curtis
15th November 2017

General practice is hard. Endlessly rewarding yes, but hard in the sense of the numbers of patients we have to see, the complexity of the decisions we have to make and the responsibility we then have to...

Chronic vertigo - the drugs don’t work

Rob Walker
8th November 2017

For those of you at medical school in the mid/late 1990s, the no. 1 hit song from The Verve ‘The drugs don’t work’ was no doubt an anthem belted out at many a bar or club. In parallel with the subject...

The Slow Art & Science of Healing Leg Ulcers

Lucy Hamilton
18th October 2017

Getting Mary Back to Goa

Subclinical Hypothyroidism in the Elderly - A Small Victory in Addressing Overdiagnosis

Rob Walker
12th October 2017

New England Journal of Medicine June 2017

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