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Hot Topics Clinic Tuesday 12th March 2019

Hot Topics Clinic Tuesday 12th March 2019


In this webinar we will be discussing what all the following conditions have in common:-

  • Chronic constipation
  • Recurrent thrush
  • Otitis externa 

Apart from sounding like an episode of Embarrassing Bodies, they are all conditions that can be incredibly troublesome for both patient and clinician alike! Stubborn and sometimes seemingly refractory to treatment, they are very common problems that can be very tricky to satisfactorily resolve for the patient.

Our latest Hot Topics clinic covers these 3 frequently seen problems that we feel we should have all the answers to, but can often be something of a conundrum.

We will look in detail at the complex different reasons for constipation, and how to approach each of them; the itchy annoyance of recurrent thrush and how to banish it; and the myriad of different causes for otitis extern and how to manage them.

This clinic originally aired on Tuesday 12th March 2019 from 8pm-9pm.


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