Hot Topics Clinic January 2019

There are a lot of conditions we see and problems we face in primary care which rarely appear in the literature and these will be our focus in the Hot Topics Clinics. This webinar will be a supplement to our main course and feature topics we have not presented on the main course.

We will select common problems and challenges we see regularly in primary care, research the evidence around them and present cases to illustrate the learning points and to help inform your practice. You can ask questions online and each topic will come with its own Keep it Simple Summary you can download. 

On this webinar we will be presenting:

  • A 45 year old runner with a painful hip
  • An 82 year old lady with hyponatraemia (Na 126)
  • A 36 year old man with recurrent blepharitis

We are confident you will find Hot Topics Clinics an easy, fun and informative way to upskill your practice and as a great compliment to our main Hot Topics course.

This event originally aired on Tuesday 15th January 2019 and is now available on-demand.

What are people saying about our Hot Topics GP Update webinars?

Brilliant in every way! I like attending live when I can, but the on demand service is great, to fit it in with a busy family life.

Dr. Kemp, Salaried GP


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