Hot Topics Clinic - COVID Vaccination Queries - Tuesday 14th December 2021, 8-9pm

General practice has done an incredible job getting the nation vaccinated, but if you are finding your brain stretched by questions about covid vaccines that would be better directed at Chris Whitty, don't worry! NB Medical has a free 1-hour webinar to help you answer the most common questions on covid vaccinations from your patients. We will help you with those daily queries including:

  • How can the vaccine be safe when it has been rushed through?
  • Having a mix of different vaccines can't be safe, can it?
  • What's the point anyway now there's another new variant?
  • If kids don't get covid badly, why do you want to vaccinate mine?
  • Will it affect my fertility?
  • I don't want any microchips injecting into me!

We will be joined by experts in the field of covid vaccination, and sticking to our usual case-based discussions so you can easily apply the learning. We aim to make vaccine-question-overload a thing of the past! Please share this link with your practice and PCN team - this webinar will be suitable for any clinician involved in delivering the covid vaccination programme. 

You will be able to claim 1 CPD credit for this online webinar with a downloadable certificate provided.

Moderna has provided an educational grant to NB Medical to support the costs of running this webinar.  Moderna has had no influence over the webinar arrangement, agenda, presentation or selection of speakers

What are people saying about our Hot Topics GP Update webinars?

Brilliant in every way! I like attending live when I can, but the on demand service is great, to fit it in with a busy family life.

Dr. Kemp, Salaried GP


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