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Happy Mums, Happy Tums

Martin Drewry - HPA - 23 Dec, 2019

NB Medical have joined forces with charity Health Poverty Action’s UK Aid Match campaign, where the UK government will match public donations raised towards the charity’s Happy Mums, Happy Tums appeal to support the health and nutrition of mums and young children in rural Sierra Leone. *

Donations made to Health Poverty Action from now until the 31st December 2019 will be doubled by the UK government, and used to train community health workers and equip health clinics to give mums the nutritional information and support they need so their babies have the best start in life.

Martin Drewry, Director of Health Poverty Action, said: “We’re delighted that NB Medical have come on board to support the amazing healthcare workers in Sierra Leone on their mission to improve the health of mothers and babies. With the UK government doubling all public donations, it’s a fantastic chance to support long-term, positive changes to healthcare access and nutritional education.

The Happy Mums, Happy Tums project aims to reach over 6,000 women and children- in rural Sierra Leone’s Bombali and Karene districts by;

  • Working with over one hundred community health workers to identify and refer malnourished children and pregnant women to health services, especially those in households living with a disability.
  • Helping local communities take advantage of the most nutritious locally grown food, for example by assisting in setting up community vegetable gardens.
  • Improving access to healthcare services, for example by providing 40 bicycles to Community Health Workers so they can reach the most remote communities.

Health Poverty Action has worked in the Bombali and Karene districts on childhood nutrition previously, including supporting members of the local community, called ‘Community Health Workers’, who encourage and aid people to see health specialists and attend the closest health clinics.

One family that has benefited from Health Poverty Action’s previous support in Sierra Leone is Fatu’s family, a 22-year-old mother to two year-old daughter Ami, who was diagnosed with malnutrition last year.

Fatu, from the town Kagbere, said: “She got sick, she lost weight and I had to bring her to the health centre.

The health clinic worked with Fatu to suggest nutritional food for Ami that she could afford, and that Ami would eat. By working together, Ami was able to get better.

They told me to wash my hands properly before giving Ami her food, and to give Ami peanuts in the morning and evening."

Without this service, I would have lost my child.”

Fatu brings Ami to the health clinic

HPA Picture 1.png

To support the Happy Mums, Happy Tums appeal, please CLICK HERE

For more information visit the website Health Poverty Action

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