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Hot Topics Cancer for Primary Care 2018 Webcast



The webcast is the 'Cancer' course filmed, edited and made into a fully searchable video format. It is ideal for GPs and Nurses who find it difficult to take time off work or are too busy to attend the course. 

The webcast can be watched in the office, at home or when you are travelling and has been designed to stream on multiple device types including PC's mobiles and tablets. 

The webcast is fully searchable, covering a wide range of ‘Cancer for Primary Care topics'. The webcast can be watched in one go or in smaller bite size topics depending on how much time you have. 

By using the webcast and the course reference book together we are bringing the course to you so you don't miss out. 

The webcast contains 6 hours of teaching and will be linked to CPD questions to reinforce the learning points and act as a demonstration of successfully completed CPD activity to any appraiser. 

The "webcast package" includes access to the webcast for 12 months and a copy of our Course Reference book, and online access to the course reference book. 

The webcast package costs £195 for GPs and £150 for GP Registrars and Nurses.


  • GP 195.00 GBP
  • GP Trainee 150.00 GBP
  • Nurse 150.00 GBP
  • Pharmacist 175.00 GBP
  • Paramedic 150.00 GBP